Fantasy can be fun

Half of all couples have had an affair. Why? They find more pleasure and excitement in somebody outside their marriage where they can let themselves go and experiment with sex. Most of the time, it’s the male who gets burnt out with what he perceives as a boring sex life within the relationship. The important thing to remember is: don’t be embarrassed to share your deep desires with your spouse. Don’t push the envelop to the point of frustration. Remember, everyone has boundaries. The solution is to create a safe and non-judgmental environment, and discuss these fantasies openly.

Erotic imagination is part of human nature. Adventure and excitement can be inside of your marriage, not just outside of it.  One reason many couples shy away from this topic is because their relationship is a safe place to discuss their fantasies. The fantasy turn-on comes from a person’s brain and can be powerful, playful, naughty, good, mysterious and above all it’s healthy. The key we help our clients with is to understand fantasy with good intentions, inside their marriage and by remembering it’s JUST a fantasy.

When couples come in for sessions, we help them break those walls down and help them claim their sexual freedom with their spouse. We help them talk about their deep sexual desires with their spouse and help them realize that they don’t need to feel threatened by breaking an unconscious rule of sex. Couples can grow in a deeper martial bond together with a strong desire for each other that fulfill their deepest sexual needs and desires.