Every couple is different. Some couples find that after they work through their emotional intimacy goals and communication skills they are ready to go to a deeper level, in particular, sexuality. We find that many couples return to us for another marriage intensive (or combine in their original intensive) in an effort to address sexuality in their relationship.

We work with many couples who secretly wish to improve their sexual relationship but never address the topic unless specifically asked the right kind of questions in an emotionally safe environment with a licensed marriage counselor. Unfortunately, many marriage counselors rarely address or know what to do to help couples improve their sexual relationship or resolve conflicts in this area.   We take sexual issues seriously and know how sensitive they can be. We also understand how important these issues are to the overall health and happiness of the marriage.

Sexual satisfaction improves as the overall health of the relationship improves. Boundaries may begin to expand allowing the couple to begin to fully explore one another without shame or guilt.

However the sexual problems start, they grow and begin to interfere with the marriage. Because the marital and sexual problems are so intertwined it is sometimes necessary to work on them both at the same time. We work with couples to determine which approach best fits their circumstance. As a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists as well as licensed marriage counselors, we have had good success in working with and helping couples understand and improve their feelings of desire as well as performance and technique.